Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How to separate propaganda from truth

I am going on a vacation and will be visiting some interesting museums and of course I want my son to get an education out of what he sees but how? The concerned parent needs to become a tour guide and explain the evolutionary biases of the displays to their children. One proud moment I experienced as a father was when we took our son to the Indianapolis children museum and a tour guide was explaining how the museum would show the ideas scientists have to explain the mystery of how the dinosaurs became extinct my five year old piped up "we know that! They died in the flood, didn't you know? That's why there buried in mud and turned to rock. The tour guide looked confused and rushed us on by.
become informed there are website, books, tapes and soon a world class museum in Florence KY. ( answersingensis.org) where you can learn more about the creationist explanation of fossil record and the gaping holes in evolution. For starts talk to your children about fossils and strata ,go on a fossil hunt, create your own strata in a jar merely mix soils rock sand and water and plastic dinos and shake what do you see form count the layers try to make more, weight the dino down see where it ends up be creative have fun and read the flood story in the Bible ask yourself how long did it last, how big was the ark , what were the two main source of flood waters ete. I think the answers with surprise you.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Darwin and graphic racism

The April issue of national geographic's cover shows that racism is still at the core of evolution it depicts a face of a hominid "hobbit" with features of an African and the find was find not from africa but near java! Indeed it harkens back to the days when open racism was the norm for evolutionists , a time before Hitler a when it was acceptable to rank people according to fictional evolutionary history as nearer to apes and farther away. Modern genetics has made this idea untendable by showing all humans are closely related and that races are a cultural myth rather than a reality. The Bible believer knew this long ago since we are of one blood descended from Adam and Eve and even more recently of Noah and his wife.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Chimp painting

Chimp's Art to Feature in London Auction

LONDON (AP) - Brightly colored paintings by Congo the chimpanzee are going on sale at a prestigious London auction house alongside works by Andy Warhol and Renoir.

evolution has the effect of degrading our ability to appreciate true beauty in art which always comes from intelligent patterns and designs with meaning not random junk .The decay of art in just another example of evolution effect on society.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Man bites dog Cat sized Mammal eats dinosaur

In spite of what we often picture not all dinosaurs towered into the sky some were so small that they were eaten by mammals the size of a house cat according the finds in China as told in http://www.livescience.com/animalworld/belly_beast_050112.html
This comes as a shock to evolutionists as do nearly all new discoverys. Most dinosaurs were small and even the big ones started out small. Interestingly the scienctist have had to resort to catastrophes to explain the fossils as noted in the article.
"The Yixian rock formation in which their bones were encased is a combination of river sediments and volcanic ash. The formation also includes the fossils of insects, frogs and other creatures, suggesting a mass die-off.
"It's possible that poisonous volcanic gas killed the animals when they were sleeping,'' Meng said. ``Then there was a catastrophic explosion that buried the whole thing."
Might this be consistant with the eruption of the fountains of the deep meantioned in the flood account in genesis.

hands on learning at it best

A note from a friend about some neat excavations one could be involved in


Join paleontologist Joe Taylor, curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, on his home turf in the badlands of West Texas. Thursday June 9, 2005 through Thursday, June 16, 2005, we'll be excavating a large mammoth skull with tusks, along with the bones of other prehistoric animals, in the badlands near the old West town of Dickens on a private ranch. This event is limited to 10 people, so don't delay. Reservations are expected to fill up fast! For more details, and to reserve your spot, go to www.mtblanco.com.


2005 FACT (Foundation Advancing Creation Truth) Dig. Come dig in flood sediments of the Hell Creek formation with Joe Taylor and FACT president, Otis Kline. On hand for two of the digs will be Australian John MacKay, www.creationresearch.net, whose knowledge of fossil plants is extraordinary. In 2004 we excavated a triceratops skull, T.rex teeth and many other bones, including Hadrosaur as well as plant fossils. Lots of great evidence for the Flood here! These digs will take place July 11-15, July 18-22 & July 25-29, 2005. For more information and to register, go to the Mt. Blanco web site or visit FACT at www.creationtruth.org.

Joe Taylor
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
Crosbyton, TX

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What should I teach my children?

Kids today are saturated with the world's ideas and morals; TV , public schools and peers, the internet and even most parent teach an ethic of selfishness we focus on Money and trust not in God but temporary passing things. Girls become slaves to cloths, image and boys at an earlier age then ever. Boys get caught up in self become controlled by the god of image and popularity, sport once a positive part of youth often become an idol as does music and friends. I wish I could say it was different for Christian youth but that is not the case most conservative evanglicals youth do not even believe the there is absolute truth!

What can the Christian parent do who want their children to develop a a Christ-centered life we cannot completely insulated them from all influences nor should we for the result will be rebel. How does a Christian worldview differ from the Worlds poison. The Christian see everything with the eye of a mind trained to think Biblically by the Holy Spirit. We must be Soaked in the Word. To think we can separate our faith from any part of our thinking is to fall in to error. is a way to integrate God into everything we think from Math and history to science. How should I teach history from a biblical view by showing how history is in the bible how prophecy outline the world history before it happened the rise and fall of empires and the rise of kings and so forth and with science we need to start with . IN the begining God...
thankfully we how have more available for the Christian parent for example answers in Genesis (www.Answersingenesis.org)

Friday, May 13, 2005

typos and mutation

In reading this Blog chanchs are you will see some typos. typos seldom improve the content and no one would want to relie on such mistakes on the off chanch that it might make a more interesting read. How would you feel if you were told that the contents of an entire library was writen by random keystrokes on a keyboard then copys of the random jots were passed around to readers who could only throw out the pages that made no sense. Well if you believe in evolution you believe something much more foolish. You believe you are the produce of random errors sorted by the death of the weak and unfit. that when you look in the eyes of a newborn baby that the doctor just delivered all you see is the product of chaos and death rather than the creation of a wise and loving God. The result of consistantly and fully embracing evolutionism is madness like Hitler, Stalin, and others who grasped the heart of this gospel of death and turned the 20th century into a blood bath sending more than 90 million to the grave because of a Godless idealogy.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Faith and fact are they in conflict?

You want to teach your child at home and you want to pass on your faith. How then do you deal with subjects such as as science or history which typically contain ideas rooted in the Theory of Evolution. Materialistic Evolution denys the roll of God as Creator and elevates Time Chanch and Matter to the role of creator. Is there a conflict between Faith and fact are science and faith incompatable?there are a number of differing view on this issue but but we can reduce it to three basic approaches.

  1. theistic Evolution- This vew is that God make the world and man by allowing evolution to occur according to the set rule of nature . this view avoils conflict with prevailing science but treats the bible creation story as metaphor. Science is the truth the Bible is a fairy tale with a good moral
  2. progressive Creationism- this is the view which accepts much of the "history" of evolution but holds that God from time to time stepped in to make new creatures . both the bible and evolution give part truth part fairy tale.
  3. young earth Creationism - the Bible account is correct and accurate evolution is a fairy tale. the real fact of science do or will line up with the Bible if we investigate with a Biblical mindset. evolution is a fairy tale. the Truth is in scripture.

where do you stand? this is the topic I hope to deal with in this blog as time goes on as well ideas and tips for the homeschooling parent who want to excite an interest in in science in a christian framework.

Is progressive Creationism a better idea

The growth of the Intellgent design movement has brought a resurgence of "progressive Creationism". this compromise position leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of both the Biblical thinker and the Evolutionist. An example of such thought can be found in the teachings of progressive Creation guras like Hugh Ross(resons to believe) who while trying sincerely to defend Christianity nevertheless undermines its foundations with preadamites (men before men) and other ideas which cut at the basics of original sin, salvation and biblical authority. I have one question Do they believe Jesus believed the earth was 4.5 Billion years old that Adam was a johnny come lately after 4 million years of manlike creatures some of who buried the dead , painted art and created tools of great prefection? Did Jesus, God in the flesh, think the Bible was in error when it spoke of a global world destroying flood and a six day creation? in the long run progressive creationism is no better than Theistic Evolution.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

‘Are antibiotic resistant bacteria evidence of Evolution or creative design?’

Once it was hoped that antibiotics would help us eliminate the diseases caused by bacteria. But bacteria which can resist many antibiotics have become widespread. The existence of new stains of resistant bacteria has been championed as proof of evolution but a closer examination of the evidence suggest it is really an example of the wisdom of the Creator who engineered life with build in adaptive ability .

Evolution’s primary problem is the origin of new information. Evolutionists
place their faith in the power of random mutation, time and natural selection. The time evolutionists crave is not there even if you accept their wildly inflated time scale there have not been enough generations of life to create even the simplest genetic information. Mutations are not random but are restricted to certain variable regions of a chromosome and always degenerate total information content. Natural selection seems real but is a truism that has no real power to effect change in an organism.

But what about resistant bacteria where did they get the information to become resistant wasn’t it random mutations? No, the information existed already in the form of plasmids, gene cassettes and fragments of DNA. Bacteria unlike eukaryotic organisms can easily acquire pieces of DNA in a number of ways, by exchanging genes with other bacteria in conjunction (a type of Sexual reproduction) by absorbing DNA fragments from disrupted cells and viral transfer or transduction. The genes which allow organisms to be resistant to antibiotics existed in the organism that made the antibiotic and in organisms which lived with the original organism. The mechanisms of genetic exchange allow bacteria to draw on a virtual gene library and adapt to new environments. Antibiotic are natural defense chemical generate by organism such as bacteria or molds because of the extraction process bits and piece of DNA from the antibiotic making organism is present in most all preparations of antibiotics these include the resistance conferring genes so we may make it very easy for bacteria to get a hold of what they need, in time some bacteria in may encounter the needed gene and soon multiple into a formidable army of disease.

God gave bacteria the power to live and survive in nearly any environment so much so that bacteria out weight all the rest of life on earth combined. They are without a doubt the greatest survivor of all life. And without them life on earth would be impossible. They demonstrate to us the power of design God truly made the base things to confound the wise

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Theistic Evolution is it even theism

Theistic evolutionists want their cake and eat it too, they hope to side step the bible science issue with a little semantics . evolution tells how and the Bible tell why? But the problem is the Bible tell how and not a word of why we don't know why God made the Earth but we know it says he did it in six days of real dark and light that life was made after its kind that the plants came before the Sun that man was formed from dust that eve was "cloned" from Adam's tissues that there was real fruit in a real garden that lead to the real first sin. Metaphors don't cut it . Evolution can not be what the Bible was tell us happened if you accept even the slightest inspiration to scripture. Evolution fails on the grounds of science too the stumbling blocks are too great
  • life's origin from non life
  • the sudden appearence of all major groups in the cambrian
  • the complex interdependance of living systems
  • the origin of sexual reproduction
  • the rate of evolution (to great for mutation )
  • the origin of new information

so why cling to a dead and fruitless theory ?