Wednesday, May 11, 2005

‘Are antibiotic resistant bacteria evidence of Evolution or creative design?’

Once it was hoped that antibiotics would help us eliminate the diseases caused by bacteria. But bacteria which can resist many antibiotics have become widespread. The existence of new stains of resistant bacteria has been championed as proof of evolution but a closer examination of the evidence suggest it is really an example of the wisdom of the Creator who engineered life with build in adaptive ability .

Evolution’s primary problem is the origin of new information. Evolutionists
place their faith in the power of random mutation, time and natural selection. The time evolutionists crave is not there even if you accept their wildly inflated time scale there have not been enough generations of life to create even the simplest genetic information. Mutations are not random but are restricted to certain variable regions of a chromosome and always degenerate total information content. Natural selection seems real but is a truism that has no real power to effect change in an organism.

But what about resistant bacteria where did they get the information to become resistant wasn’t it random mutations? No, the information existed already in the form of plasmids, gene cassettes and fragments of DNA. Bacteria unlike eukaryotic organisms can easily acquire pieces of DNA in a number of ways, by exchanging genes with other bacteria in conjunction (a type of Sexual reproduction) by absorbing DNA fragments from disrupted cells and viral transfer or transduction. The genes which allow organisms to be resistant to antibiotics existed in the organism that made the antibiotic and in organisms which lived with the original organism. The mechanisms of genetic exchange allow bacteria to draw on a virtual gene library and adapt to new environments. Antibiotic are natural defense chemical generate by organism such as bacteria or molds because of the extraction process bits and piece of DNA from the antibiotic making organism is present in most all preparations of antibiotics these include the resistance conferring genes so we may make it very easy for bacteria to get a hold of what they need, in time some bacteria in may encounter the needed gene and soon multiple into a formidable army of disease.

God gave bacteria the power to live and survive in nearly any environment so much so that bacteria out weight all the rest of life on earth combined. They are without a doubt the greatest survivor of all life. And without them life on earth would be impossible. They demonstrate to us the power of design God truly made the base things to confound the wise

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