Thursday, May 12, 2005

Faith and fact are they in conflict?

You want to teach your child at home and you want to pass on your faith. How then do you deal with subjects such as as science or history which typically contain ideas rooted in the Theory of Evolution. Materialistic Evolution denys the roll of God as Creator and elevates Time Chanch and Matter to the role of creator. Is there a conflict between Faith and fact are science and faith incompatable?there are a number of differing view on this issue but but we can reduce it to three basic approaches.

  1. theistic Evolution- This vew is that God make the world and man by allowing evolution to occur according to the set rule of nature . this view avoils conflict with prevailing science but treats the bible creation story as metaphor. Science is the truth the Bible is a fairy tale with a good moral
  2. progressive Creationism- this is the view which accepts much of the "history" of evolution but holds that God from time to time stepped in to make new creatures . both the bible and evolution give part truth part fairy tale.
  3. young earth Creationism - the Bible account is correct and accurate evolution is a fairy tale. the real fact of science do or will line up with the Bible if we investigate with a Biblical mindset. evolution is a fairy tale. the Truth is in scripture.

where do you stand? this is the topic I hope to deal with in this blog as time goes on as well ideas and tips for the homeschooling parent who want to excite an interest in in science in a christian framework.


Blogger Sopater said...

I vote for #3. All science, if investigated thoroughly, will support the biblical account of creation. This is what I believe.

8:10 AM  

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