Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How to separate propaganda from truth

I am going on a vacation and will be visiting some interesting museums and of course I want my son to get an education out of what he sees but how? The concerned parent needs to become a tour guide and explain the evolutionary biases of the displays to their children. One proud moment I experienced as a father was when we took our son to the Indianapolis children museum and a tour guide was explaining how the museum would show the ideas scientists have to explain the mystery of how the dinosaurs became extinct my five year old piped up "we know that! They died in the flood, didn't you know? That's why there buried in mud and turned to rock. The tour guide looked confused and rushed us on by.
become informed there are website, books, tapes and soon a world class museum in Florence KY. ( answersingensis.org) where you can learn more about the creationist explanation of fossil record and the gaping holes in evolution. For starts talk to your children about fossils and strata ,go on a fossil hunt, create your own strata in a jar merely mix soils rock sand and water and plastic dinos and shake what do you see form count the layers try to make more, weight the dino down see where it ends up be creative have fun and read the flood story in the Bible ask yourself how long did it last, how big was the ark , what were the two main source of flood waters ete. I think the answers with surprise you.


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