Thursday, May 12, 2005

Is progressive Creationism a better idea

The growth of the Intellgent design movement has brought a resurgence of "progressive Creationism". this compromise position leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of both the Biblical thinker and the Evolutionist. An example of such thought can be found in the teachings of progressive Creation guras like Hugh Ross(resons to believe) who while trying sincerely to defend Christianity nevertheless undermines its foundations with preadamites (men before men) and other ideas which cut at the basics of original sin, salvation and biblical authority. I have one question Do they believe Jesus believed the earth was 4.5 Billion years old that Adam was a johnny come lately after 4 million years of manlike creatures some of who buried the dead , painted art and created tools of great prefection? Did Jesus, God in the flesh, think the Bible was in error when it spoke of a global world destroying flood and a six day creation? in the long run progressive creationism is no better than Theistic Evolution.


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