Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Man bites dog Cat sized Mammal eats dinosaur

In spite of what we often picture not all dinosaurs towered into the sky some were so small that they were eaten by mammals the size of a house cat according the finds in China as told in
This comes as a shock to evolutionists as do nearly all new discoverys. Most dinosaurs were small and even the big ones started out small. Interestingly the scienctist have had to resort to catastrophes to explain the fossils as noted in the article.
"The Yixian rock formation in which their bones were encased is a combination of river sediments and volcanic ash. The formation also includes the fossils of insects, frogs and other creatures, suggesting a mass die-off.
"It's possible that poisonous volcanic gas killed the animals when they were sleeping,'' Meng said. ``Then there was a catastrophic explosion that buried the whole thing."
Might this be consistant with the eruption of the fountains of the deep meantioned in the flood account in genesis.


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