Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Theistic Evolution is it even theism

Theistic evolutionists want their cake and eat it too, they hope to side step the bible science issue with a little semantics . evolution tells how and the Bible tell why? But the problem is the Bible tell how and not a word of why we don't know why God made the Earth but we know it says he did it in six days of real dark and light that life was made after its kind that the plants came before the Sun that man was formed from dust that eve was "cloned" from Adam's tissues that there was real fruit in a real garden that lead to the real first sin. Metaphors don't cut it . Evolution can not be what the Bible was tell us happened if you accept even the slightest inspiration to scripture. Evolution fails on the grounds of science too the stumbling blocks are too great
  • life's origin from non life
  • the sudden appearence of all major groups in the cambrian
  • the complex interdependance of living systems
  • the origin of sexual reproduction
  • the rate of evolution (to great for mutation )
  • the origin of new information

so why cling to a dead and fruitless theory ?


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