Friday, May 13, 2005

typos and mutation

In reading this Blog chanchs are you will see some typos. typos seldom improve the content and no one would want to relie on such mistakes on the off chanch that it might make a more interesting read. How would you feel if you were told that the contents of an entire library was writen by random keystrokes on a keyboard then copys of the random jots were passed around to readers who could only throw out the pages that made no sense. Well if you believe in evolution you believe something much more foolish. You believe you are the produce of random errors sorted by the death of the weak and unfit. that when you look in the eyes of a newborn baby that the doctor just delivered all you see is the product of chaos and death rather than the creation of a wise and loving God. The result of consistantly and fully embracing evolutionism is madness like Hitler, Stalin, and others who grasped the heart of this gospel of death and turned the 20th century into a blood bath sending more than 90 million to the grave because of a Godless idealogy.


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