Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What should I teach my children?

Kids today are saturated with the world's ideas and morals; TV , public schools and peers, the internet and even most parent teach an ethic of selfishness we focus on Money and trust not in God but temporary passing things. Girls become slaves to cloths, image and boys at an earlier age then ever. Boys get caught up in self become controlled by the god of image and popularity, sport once a positive part of youth often become an idol as does music and friends. I wish I could say it was different for Christian youth but that is not the case most conservative evanglicals youth do not even believe the there is absolute truth!

What can the Christian parent do who want their children to develop a a Christ-centered life we cannot completely insulated them from all influences nor should we for the result will be rebel. How does a Christian worldview differ from the Worlds poison. The Christian see everything with the eye of a mind trained to think Biblically by the Holy Spirit. We must be Soaked in the Word. To think we can separate our faith from any part of our thinking is to fall in to error. is a way to integrate God into everything we think from Math and history to science. How should I teach history from a biblical view by showing how history is in the bible how prophecy outline the world history before it happened the rise and fall of empires and the rise of kings and so forth and with science we need to start with . IN the begining God...
thankfully we how have more available for the Christian parent for example answers in Genesis (www.Answersingenesis.org)


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