Monday, June 27, 2005

Consider the ant

The vast number of amazing behaviors and unique traits which are displayed in the world of insects is stunning. Ants for example who harvest leaves and tend garden of mushrooms not able to grow without their tender care, ants which tend and "milk" aphids for honeydew. Ants which tunnel into wood or live in hollow thorns. Bees which make pollen bread to feed there young. Who create honey and pollinate flower who depend on them in turn. Butterflies which are hatched knowing where to fly to a wintering ground they have never seen even a thousand miles away. Termites who's queen is able to live for years and lay millions of eggs and who's tunnel display perfect arches which took men thousands of years to create and were the hallmark of the Roman culture . Is there intelligent design in nature? Yes if we are to remain sane we must see it

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Great documents which no one reads

I was at the Osu library back in my college days and happened to look at a early edition of the Origin Of the species( by the survival of the favored races) The book had been in the library for 100 years but as I leafed though I noticed something odd many of the pages- not separated---until I separated them in a hundred year no one had read the whole book! No one. I was not greatly saddened by this but I fear much the same could be said for many Great works such as the Bible, the constitution, the declaration of independence and other foundational documents. For example how many believe the constitution says there is a separation of church and state? Or how many think the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child? We must learn to read the original sources do not live as if you were illiterate. Do not be fooled by the "elites" in to seeing the world with worldly eyes. See instead with Wordly eyes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Foundations set in quicksand

The evolutionary geologist takes great pride in expounding on the vast eras which preceded man. Beginning as the Earth cooled from a molten ball after the moon was ejected into space by an impact. Then everything settled down ocean condensed continents formed life began in the seas by some mythical chemical process. Then there was nothing but bacteria and maybe some soft bodied creatures for four billion years until in the Cambrian lifeforms inexplicably burst into great variety with every phylum making it appearance. Then what followed was an age of trilobites-an age of fish-an age of coal-an age of reptiles- an age of dinosaurs - an age of mammals an age of man - an ice age and historical times last of all. All this they claim is firmly set in stone from the basic principles of geology. The claim of historical geology are founded on clearly false assumptions which until recently only a few thought to question.

1) superposition- the principle of superposition seem obvious so obvious that we have assumed it to be universal is the assumption that is the layer on top is younger then the layers below it, but in fact experiments show that layer forming in flowing water do not form one layer at a time but generally they form at the same time. With the layers separating and falling out along a slope in a hortizonal distribution. This is important to remember because superposition it is the basis of all "time"sequences claimed by evolutionists yet it is not Law and is often not the way sediments form.

2)geologic column from the assumption one the idea of a universal chronology derived from the position of sediments in relationship to each other was conceived this geologic timetable is the basis of all evolutionary claims yet with a few exceptions the complete column does not exist and in most places only a few of its part are present.far from a neat stack of sediment one on top of each other from oldest to newest like a stack of books we have a chaos of tumbled books.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

fossil collecting is a fun adventure  Posted by Hello

The fossil record tells a story ,but which one slow gradual change or catastrophe and global upheaval?

Friday, June 10, 2005

World wide flood real event not local flood

The traditions of every culture tell of a world wide flood. Careful analysis of these traditions show they come from a single source whose details closely follow the biblical story but which must predate the writing of genesis. A world wide flood could not occur without leaving it mark on the world it could not be tranquil because even the most gentle rising of water wound still result in a devastation on a level millions of times worst then any storm or tsunami in recent history as vast tidal bores surged inland uprooting every tree and washing mud soil,sand and sea sediment about. Then as the water drained away it would certainly carve canyons and leave isolated bodies of sea water inland. Is there evidence of this? Yes but it has been misrepresented to us as evidence of deep time instead of deep water. The flood was real and it's remains are the very sedimentary rocks which evolutionists use to tell their story.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Dinosaurs are they that old?

The recent discovery of of the remains of blood vessels and blood cells in dinosaur bones should give us quite a shock if we really believe dinosaurs are 65 million years or more old. the chemistry of proteins is well knowen enought that we can measure it's breakdown. Even under ideal condition proteins should degrade if for no other reason then unavoidable background radiation into nothing resembling a protein in less thant longer then 100000 year at most. so by this chemical clock we can be sure the real age of dinosaur is younger then that! We already should have known that C14 dateing of dinosaurs give us dates where no measurable c14 should more at

Saturday, June 04, 2005

rockets are a fun introduction to science Posted by Hello

science can be a gate to joy or a burden, it is in the way it is presented the above Rocket roars skyward because of the careful work and knowledge of some Quarker( an Ohio rocketry club) friends of mine they know that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be lit ( a paraphase of plutarch actual quote was "We must encourage [each other] -- once we have grasped the basic points -- to interconnecting everything else on our own, to use memory to guide our original thinking, and to accept what someone else says as a starting point, a seed to be nourished and grow. For the correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting -- no more -- and then it motivates one towards originality and instills the desire for truth") and that mind it can burn very brightly teaching science with all its controverses and with a critical eye for truth can be stimulating and fun. the homeschooling parent should attemp to infuse some of this joy of exploring truth into their childs life.

Friday, June 03, 2005

academic foolishness iis the norm

as one examines the history of science one finds that the prevailing dogma has always been nonsense for example sponananeous generation, the Phlogiston Theory, aether, and so on . that is ok if it is just a part of an ongoing search for truth but when it becomes established and dogmatically defended as evolution is. Then we are in a realm where such error become more than error it become antitruth that is what the "fact" of evolution is. evolution is NOT NOT a fact it can not be proven only infered because no one was there seeing animals reproduce and give rise to new animals.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

God by any other name would...

A friend of mine told me today he had come up with a "new" idea. That just as a tree has many names in different languages and yet all refer to the same tree so God has many names in different religions but they are all still referring to God. This "new" idea has of course been around for thousands of years but has never made sense. Consider the old Hindu story of the five blind men and the elephant each describing some aspect of an elephant but none of them describing the whole. If that were that were the way world religions were then perhaps a systhesis wound be possible but that in not the case at all, every religion describes God in terms which are contradictory and not able of being held at the same time . Christians for example belief there is only one God who has revealed himself to us in three personal ways as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jews and Muslims deny that God can have a son and hold that God is totally other from us. The Hindu believes there are many gods but in some way they are all faces of the same God. Buddhism denys a personal god. These views can not all be true . evolutionism denys a active God who freely interacts with nature and whose words are not bound by natural law. This can not be both true and not true at the same time.

date change

FYI -- the dates for Joe Taylor's Texas mammoth dig have been changed to June 20-27. The price has also been reduced. For more info, go to Blessings!