Monday, June 27, 2005

Consider the ant

The vast number of amazing behaviors and unique traits which are displayed in the world of insects is stunning. Ants for example who harvest leaves and tend garden of mushrooms not able to grow without their tender care, ants which tend and "milk" aphids for honeydew. Ants which tunnel into wood or live in hollow thorns. Bees which make pollen bread to feed there young. Who create honey and pollinate flower who depend on them in turn. Butterflies which are hatched knowing where to fly to a wintering ground they have never seen even a thousand miles away. Termites who's queen is able to live for years and lay millions of eggs and who's tunnel display perfect arches which took men thousands of years to create and were the hallmark of the Roman culture . Is there intelligent design in nature? Yes if we are to remain sane we must see it


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