Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Foundations set in quicksand

The evolutionary geologist takes great pride in expounding on the vast eras which preceded man. Beginning as the Earth cooled from a molten ball after the moon was ejected into space by an impact. Then everything settled down ocean condensed continents formed life began in the seas by some mythical chemical process. Then there was nothing but bacteria and maybe some soft bodied creatures for four billion years until in the Cambrian lifeforms inexplicably burst into great variety with every phylum making it appearance. Then what followed was an age of trilobites-an age of fish-an age of coal-an age of reptiles- an age of dinosaurs - an age of mammals an age of man - an ice age and historical times last of all. All this they claim is firmly set in stone from the basic principles of geology. The claim of historical geology are founded on clearly false assumptions which until recently only a few thought to question.

1) superposition- the principle of superposition seem obvious so obvious that we have assumed it to be universal is the assumption that is the layer on top is younger then the layers below it, but in fact experiments show that layer forming in flowing water do not form one layer at a time but generally they form at the same time. With the layers separating and falling out along a slope in a hortizonal distribution. This is important to remember because superposition it is the basis of all "time"sequences claimed by evolutionists yet it is not Law and is often not the way sediments form.

2)geologic column from the assumption one the idea of a universal chronology derived from the position of sediments in relationship to each other was conceived this geologic timetable is the basis of all evolutionary claims yet with a few exceptions the complete column does not exist and in most places only a few of its part are present.far from a neat stack of sediment one on top of each other from oldest to newest like a stack of books we have a chaos of tumbled books.


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