Wednesday, June 01, 2005

God by any other name would...

A friend of mine told me today he had come up with a "new" idea. That just as a tree has many names in different languages and yet all refer to the same tree so God has many names in different religions but they are all still referring to God. This "new" idea has of course been around for thousands of years but has never made sense. Consider the old Hindu story of the five blind men and the elephant each describing some aspect of an elephant but none of them describing the whole. If that were that were the way world religions were then perhaps a systhesis wound be possible but that in not the case at all, every religion describes God in terms which are contradictory and not able of being held at the same time . Christians for example belief there is only one God who has revealed himself to us in three personal ways as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jews and Muslims deny that God can have a son and hold that God is totally other from us. The Hindu believes there are many gods but in some way they are all faces of the same God. Buddhism denys a personal god. These views can not all be true . evolutionism denys a active God who freely interacts with nature and whose words are not bound by natural law. This can not be both true and not true at the same time.


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