Saturday, June 04, 2005

rockets are a fun introduction to science Posted by Hello

science can be a gate to joy or a burden, it is in the way it is presented the above Rocket roars skyward because of the careful work and knowledge of some Quarker( an Ohio rocketry club) friends of mine they know that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be lit ( a paraphase of plutarch actual quote was "We must encourage [each other] -- once we have grasped the basic points -- to interconnecting everything else on our own, to use memory to guide our original thinking, and to accept what someone else says as a starting point, a seed to be nourished and grow. For the correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting -- no more -- and then it motivates one towards originality and instills the desire for truth") and that mind it can burn very brightly teaching science with all its controverses and with a critical eye for truth can be stimulating and fun. the homeschooling parent should attemp to infuse some of this joy of exploring truth into their childs life.


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