Friday, June 10, 2005

World wide flood real event not local flood

The traditions of every culture tell of a world wide flood. Careful analysis of these traditions show they come from a single source whose details closely follow the biblical story but which must predate the writing of genesis. A world wide flood could not occur without leaving it mark on the world it could not be tranquil because even the most gentle rising of water wound still result in a devastation on a level millions of times worst then any storm or tsunami in recent history as vast tidal bores surged inland uprooting every tree and washing mud soil,sand and sea sediment about. Then as the water drained away it would certainly carve canyons and leave isolated bodies of sea water inland. Is there evidence of this? Yes but it has been misrepresented to us as evidence of deep time instead of deep water. The flood was real and it's remains are the very sedimentary rocks which evolutionists use to tell their story.


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