Wednesday, October 19, 2005

swiming(drowning) dinosaurs

not so astonishing if the dinosaur was drowning in the rising waters of The flood

"{An Astonishing Discovery in Wyoming!
Ever heard of a dinosaur that could swim? Until now, it was assumed they were not aquatic creatures. That perception may soon change. The tracks of a previously unknown, two-legged swimming dinosaur that has birdlike characteristics have been found in northern Wyoming, reports The Associated Press.

So much for the Loch Ness monster. Scientists have discovered what could be the original sea monster!

Researchers continue to look for bones and other remains that might help them further identify and name this newly found dinosaur. "It was about the size of an ostrich, and it was a meat-eater," Debra Mickelson, a University of Colorado graduate student in geological sciences, said in a statement. "The tracks suggest it waded along the shoreline and swam offshore, perhaps to feed on fish or carrion."

This is no ordinary dinosaur fossil dug up in South Dakota. Find out why this bizarre looking creature is so special.

Based on just studying the tracks, the Colorado researchers have determined the dinosaur was 6 feet tall and lived about 165 million years ago along an ancient inland sea. "The swimming dinosaur had four limbs, and it walked on its hind legs, which each had three toes," Mickelson explained in a news release. "The tracks show how it became more buoyant as it waded into deeper water--the full footprints gradually become half-footprints and then only claw marks." She says the team's research supports the "conclusion that the dinosaurs were intentionally swimming out to sea, perhaps to feed." Swimming dinosaurs! "
most trackway I have seen show the same characteristics not new info just new hype.