Saturday, January 07, 2006

evolutionist wishful thinking

Creationist Says Darwinists' Recent Claims Suggest Desperation

By Allie Martin January 5, 2006

(AgapePress) - The founder of the creationist group Answers in Genesis
(AIG) says a recent announcement by the journal Science claiming evolution
was the top scientific breakthrough of 2005 shows how desperate the
proponents of the theory of evolution are becoming.

Editors of Science cited wide ranging research, including a study showing a
four percent difference between human and chimpanzee DNA, as major factors
contributing to its decision to make its bold proclamation regarding 2005
and scientific discoveries supposedly offering support for Darwin's theory.
However, Ken Ham, the president and founder of AIG, says the journal's
announcement shows that secular humanists are worried about the increasing
availability of information that contradicts their ideas about evolution.

"Why are they proclaiming 2005 the 'Year of Evolution' and all these big
breakthroughs in evolution?" Ham asks. "Well, I believe it's because a
creationist ministry like Answers in Genesis has put so much information
out there, and we've got the Creation Museum under construction. I think
what's happened is that it's made such an impact on the culture, the
humanists are running scared."

The creation science advocate believes evolutionists are trying to declare
2005 as a year of breakthroughs for evolution in order to push the
evolution on an increasingly disabused public with unprecedented access to
scientific data supporting creationism. "We're getting information out
there, and once people get this information, they can see that evolution is
totally bankrupt," he asserts.

As for the scientific establishment's claims about the similarities between
the genetic code of apes and humans, the AIG spokesman points out, "When
you look at DNA, it consists of what are called base pairs, and there's
three billion of them in human DNA. Do you realize a four percent
difference means 120 million differences? That's an enormous difference.
That, in itself, is very, very significant, even if the 'four percent' was
real. but the four percent, as I've said, is a very arbitrary figure."

Given the opportunity, Ham contends he can debunk nearly all of Darwinists'
arguments for evolution in a 40-minute lecture. He says secular humanists
are aware of the many challenges posed to their pet theory by creationists
-- and he believes they are increasingly alarmed and desperate to fight
back, even with empty declarations and false assertions about "the year of